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Friends Don't Lie Band Pop Punk Cover

September 2022

Our self-titled song!

About long-lasting friendships & the good old days.

I hope these things will never end...

Friends Don't Lie Pop Punk Single Right There Music

September 2022

Emotional & heart breaking.

It won't become any catchier than this.

I promise I'll be right there...

Friends Don't Lie Pop Punk Music Secret Place

January 2022

"Take my hand. I'll show you a secret place."

Take a ride through flickering lights & overwhelming emotions

See you on the other side.

You may leave...

All Caught Up Background Homepage.jpg

August 2021

Skate Punk at it's finest. 

Straight drums, tight rhythm guitars and raw vocals.

All Caught Up combines 2000s classic Pop Punk with modern lyrics. 

They do not decide...

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