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It is not hard to see why the records were positively received. Friends Don’t Lie know how to write a tune, but they also know how to play it. Displaying stunning musicianship and hypnotising vocals, the German talents have full control over their careers. 

This week, the band returns with their first EP to date, ‘Year Zero.’. In it, the listener will unveil a plethora of new gems, next to past singles ‘Love & Solidarity’, ‘Friends Don’t Lie’ and ‘Right There’. The closing number ‘Find Yourself (In My Head) is perhaps the record’s most surprising and heart-wrenching effort, combining a beautiful mellow introduction to a full-on Blink-182 style ending. Honestly, these guys have so much potential! 

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"Auf “Year Zero.” findet die Pop-Punk-Formation eine einzigartige Balance zwischen emotionalen, harmonie-geladenen Refrains und treibenden, dynamischen Instrumentationen. Irgendwo zwischen den Grooves des frühen Travis Barker und detaillierten Gitarren Arrangements á la State Champs platzieren sich die ausgefeilten, rhythmischen Phrasierungen des Sängers Markus Ambrosius und definieren so den musikalischer Kern von Friends Don’t Lie – “Finest Pop, Modern Punk”, wie sie selbst sagen."

Roadie Metal

"The German band Friends Don't Lie, released on October 21st their newest single, entitled “Love & Solidarity”. Betting on that more melodic Hardcore/Punk, which started school in the mid-1990s, the band delivers great melodies and good weight, in lyrics dedicated to all children and young people who suffer from bullying or some other type of violence."

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